Snow Cone Machine

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Summer’s coming!  Nothing is better than some flavored shaved ice to cool you down on those hot summer nights. Make some yummy treats for your guests at your next event. 


Concessions Equipment

1911 Sno Cone Machine

$1,095.00 $821.25

SKU:  6133110


Concessions Equipment

Arctic Blast Sno Cone Machine

$985.00 $738.75

SKU:  6133310


Concessions Equipment

Medium Sno Cone Cart

$645.00 $483.75

SKU:  3050010


Concessions Equipment

Port-A-Blast Sno Cone Machine

$800.00 $600.00

SKU:  6133510


Concessions Equipment

Simply-A-Blast Sno Cone Machine

$920.00 $690.00

SKU:  6133300


Concessions Equipment

Small Sno Cone Cart

$535.00 $401.25

SKU:  3080030


Concessions Equipment

The Cooler Snow Cone Machine

$780.00 $585.00

SKU:  6133410

Sno Cone Machine

Easy to operate and often equipped with lights or tinted glass sides to get customers' attention. Commercial snow cone machines are made with durable steel, aluminum, and food-safe plastic. Many snow cone maker machines are designed to handle up to 500 pounds of ice an hour.


To operate a commercial sno cone machine, pour chunks or cubes of ice into the ice horn. Then, use the lid to push the ice through to its two spinning stainless steel blades. Which shave the ice into a snow-like texture. The shaved ice will fall into the ice cabinet so it can be scooped when needed.

Sno Cone Machine Construction

The ice cabinet frame of a commercial sno cone machine is usually constructed of aluminum or stainless steel for durability and welded to reduce the risk of melted ice leaking out of the machine. The side panels of the ice cabinets are either tempered glass or transparent polycarbonate to allow full visibility of the contents. Ice totes, which are made of heavy duty, food-friendly plastic and slide out from under the motor stand for easy access. They are an alternative means of storing the ice after it goes through the commercial ice shaver machine.

Where to Use

Because sno cone maker machines are often used at festivals, county fairs, and other events. It is important that the machines catch the customer's attention and increase the chance of impulse purchases. Some commercial snow cone machines have tinted glass or lights to provide a visually appealing display for the shaved ice on the inside of the cabinet.

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