Spin Art Machine

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 Expand your child’s imagination with our Spin Art Machines. Squeeze a few drops of paint on the spinning card to create crazy patterns. Our spin art machines have safety screens on top to prevent bottles from falling or little fingers getting hurt. 

Spin Art Machine

Spin Art Machine



Everyone Loves Making Spin Art

Spin Art Machine for SaleOur spin art machines for sale brings fun to any carnival, school, or entertainment setting, and it lets children spin a variety of colors onto card stock to make their own unique artwork. Everyone loves making spin art! It’s easy and fun . Just place a card in the machine, drop in paint and watch it swirl around. Create unique works of art that can be taken home as keepsakes. The machine features a safety stop switch and only works with the lid closed so fingers stay safe.

Give life to awesome projects! Present your kids with an awesome and fun activity that is bound to hold their interest for a long time to come! Simply put paint onto the spin art machine and create amazing patterns including bookmarks, cards or any other project. Fun & educational at the same time! Our magic art spinner is perfect for preschool toddlers and children

Who Loves Spin Art

Since it will not only provide them with hours of fun but it will also work their creativity and imagination in different exciting ways! Perfect for kids & adults too!. Our Interactive spin & paint set is not just great for children but also for their proud parents and grandparents! Help your kids understand how to use this game set and you will be having a lot of fun-filled, family moments together! Hours of fun or your money back! . We invite you to get this spin & paint art set. If you or your kids don't absolutely love it, just get in touch with us and we will make it right!

Made of 1/2 in plywood with numerous coats of clear coat for high gloss. Includes one bracket to hold 5″ x 7″ cards. Compartment to hold 50 cards and frames. Safety switch to stop the motor if lid is opened. Motor runs on 110 volt household power. Comes with 4 paint bottles with hard outer cover.

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