Funhouse Mirrors at Carnivals and Fairs

EVER WONDER what you  would look like a little taller, shorter, thinner, or heavier?  Our distortion mirrors reflect how you see yourself and crack you up! The mirror has a very amusing curves that kids will love.

This mirror decorates a room as well as inspires children and adults alike. You can hang one in any small space either is a business or your own home. Mirrors make the room look spacious, which helps everyone feel that they have more space.


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Leading the Way

Carnival Depot is the leading manufacturer of classic distortion mirrors. We are committed to provide our customers with a one stop shop experience for all of your needs. Our distortion mirrors are sold worldwide.

Our mirrors are hand-crafted with furniture grade 3/4″ maple plywood. Frames are assembled with overlap joints for maximum strength. We use quality 1/8″ acrylic material, which is scratch resistant. 

Funhouse Mirror Distortion Types

Check out all the mirror distortions types we offer. You may appear thin, tall, fat, short and countless other variations and combinations. Each distortion type creates a different view.

Our mirrors employ curved or tilted surfaces in different parts of the mirror. This alters the angle at which the reflected light hits your eyes which is typically slightly above or slightly below the eyeline. Our brains perceive this reflection as the light that is coming directly from the source, thus creating a distorted view of the object or person.

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