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Our carnival games to buy are easy to set up and fun to play.  Perfect for school carnivals, church fairs and backyard birthday parties. In addition to bulk carnival prizes, we have carnival game supplies, carnival games, funhouse mirrors, spin art supplies, carnival cork guns & much more.

Browse and shop our huge selection of carnival party supplies for all your guests. Everything you need to throw the ultimate carnival party under the big top. Including the most memorable and fun party favors that everyone will enjoy. We are your go-to destination for  toys, carnival games and  prizes.

We are the leading manufacturer of spinning custom prize wheels of all types and sizes as well as a full line of laydowns.  Above all, you’ll make a lasting impression for your business, trade show or fundraising event. You can add your company logo or unique design.

All the carnival game supplies you’ll need to make your school or backyard event a winner every time. We offer a great selection of supplies, decorations, tickets and wristbands for school or backyard carnivals.

 Carnival Depot is the leading manufacturer of classic wood carnival games as well as spinning prize wheels and funhouse mirrors. We are committed to provide our customers with a one stop shop experience for all of your carnival and midway games.  We hand build our games and funhouse mirrors with the finest furniture grade wood products to last for years of enjoyment. Our carnival games and funhouse mirrors are sold worldwide.

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