Our Custom Prize Wheel feature vivid rainbow-like color for pleasant & eye-catching display to draw attention. Ideal for carnivals, tradeshows, company events and more. Dry-erase laminate area for customizing your own prizes & jackpots. Surface is easy to edit & wipe.

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Custom Prize Wheel

Custom Prize WheelOur Custom Prize Wheel are a must for corporate events, trade shows, school carnivals and church events. If you want to draw a crowd, we’ve got the wheel for you! Everyone enjoy taking a spin to win a prize. We create custom prize wheels for you using your company logo and colors. They are available in 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, and 48″ with table top or floor stands. Every wheel comes with a dry erase over-laminate to protect your graphics.

The wheel is constructed of 3/4 high density MDF and the back of the wheel is coated with a white laminate. Rubber t-molding protects the edges of the wheel preventing damage to the wood. We manufacture the highest quality Custom Prize Wheels in the industry. Carnival Depot is your one-stop shop for spinning prize wheels of all types and sizes. Boost traffic to your next event and add a wheel to your inventory.

Our Custom Prize Wheel Features:

  •  Our custom wheels are made of high density MDF with Melamine backing. MDF stays flat, will never warp like plywood. The Melamine surface seals it from scratches and protects it from moisture.
  • Our stands are made of steel and cast iron for strength and stability.
  • CNC machined steel shaft that won’t wear out.
  • Double precision ball bearings for smooth spinning.
  • Durable adjustable aircraft grade polymer clicker to allow control of a fast stop or slower rotation.
  • 1/4″ inch steel pegs with rubber safety tips
  • Attractive rubber t-mold trim for a great look.
  • By the way, you can choose the Wheel Faces, sizes and colors.
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