Prize Wheel Accessories

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Prize Wheel Accessories

Our prize wheel accessories are designed to replace your old or broken parts. Or simply upgrade your prize wheel for a fresh new look. Pins for stopping the spinner to provide better speed control between each slot, ensuring a fair game. Clickers for making the right sound to add excitement and enhance game atmosphere to make more fun. As well as getting kids’ attention and arousing their interests

Prize Wheel Accessories

Prize Wheel Logo Plate



Prize Wheel Accessories

Adjustable Leveling Guides



Prize Wheel Accessories

Flapper Prize Wheel Bolt



Prize Wheel Accessories

Floor Stand Base




Prize Wheel Accessories

Floor Stand for Prize Wheels



Prize Wheel Accessories

Prize Wheel Pin



Prize Wheel Accessories

Table Stand Base




Prize Wheel Accessories

Table Stand for Prize Wheel



Prize Wheel Accessories

Vinyl Pin Caps For Prize Wheels



Prize Wheel Parts

Flapper Prize Wheel Bolt

Step right up and discover our exciting collection of prize wheel parts, and casino roulette wheel supplies. From custom wheels to essential parts like flappers, pegs, and caps, we have everything you need to create a captivating and interactive experience. Choose from our dice or number wheel table layouts.

There are an incredible amount of ways you can attract people to your event using a carnival wheel. Most commonly, they are used mainly for getting people involved or excited in sales events. They are even used to promote awareness to your organization. They can be seen at a hometown fair or carnival or even inside a retail business.

Carnival Depot is the leading manufacturer of professional quality custom spinning wheels parts for sale of all types and sizes. All of our wheel parts are professional made with the highest quality materials. Incidentally ,we also offer a great selection of number and color styles as well as dry erase and dice wheels. This will undoubtable will make a lasting impression at your next event. In fact you can add your company logo or unique design.  See if  our game wheels are right for you.....

  • Stands are made of steel and cast iron for strength and stability.
  • CNC machined steel shaft that won't wear out.
  • Double precision ball bearings for smooth spinning.
  • Durable adjustable aircraft grade polymer clicker to allow control of a fast stop or slower rotation.
  • 1/4" inch steel pegs with rubber safety tips
  • Attractive rubber t-mold trim for a great look.
Add some excitement to your booth at your next trade show exhibit with our customizable prize wheels parts. Great for fundraisers, carnivals and retail promotions
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