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Our Cotton Candy Machines from Paragon create a treat that is loved by kids as well as adults!  Our easy to use commercial cotton candy machines will without a doubt create the perfect end of special event.


Concessions Equipment

Classic Floss Machine

$1,320.00 $990.00

SKU:  7105100


Concessions Equipment

Large Cotton Candy Cart

$805.00 $603.75

SKU:  3060010

$1,385.00 $1,038.75

SKU:  7150300


Concessions Equipment

Spin Magic Machine

$1,475.00 $1,106.25

SKU:  7105200

Cotton CandyCotton Candy Equipment: What You Need to Know

Cotton candy equipment includes more than just candy floss machines; domes, sneeze guards, and merchandisers are available to enhance any machine's operation. Merchandisers and displays can be used to arrange packaged cotton candy into eye-catching configurations.

Installing a dome keeps the delicate fairy floss protected from wind currents, dust, insects, and germs as it's prepared. Cotton candy machine vending carts ease transportation and promote visibility, and clear glass cases offer an unobstructed view and operator access while shielding product from all sides.

Common Questions About Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

How do you make cotton candy in a commercial machine?

Commercial cotton candy machines produce candy floss by heating sugar to a precise melting temperature. Then slinging the molten sugar through small openings in the center of the machine via centrifugal force. The wispy sugar strings cool immediately, sticking to each other and forming candy floss. Most units consist of a heating element, a floss head, and a bowl that collects the candy. Modern machines continue to evolve from these foundations. They also follow the same basic process of heating the sugar and spinning it into fine threads.

Which commercial cotton candy maker do I need?

Consider the volume of product you'll be producing and how quickly you'll need to produce it when choosing which machine best fits your needs. Smaller models with fewer features are often more affordable and can produce one to three servings of candy floss per minute. These units are best suited for low-volume applications, such as birthday parties and carnivals.

Larger, more expensive models enable increased output and may come with a range of features, including surge protection, dual heating elements, and high-volume sugar capacities that enable back-to-back output. These machines are well suited for use at stadiums, carnivals, and state fairs.

Another consideration is element type.

Ribbon heating elements are the most common type of element used in commercial cotton candy makers and heat up more quickly than a tubular style. On the other hand, tubular elements can last longer before needing replacement. Ribbon elements are best for users operating their machine frequently. While the tubular options are preferable for lower-volume or sporadic usage because they withstand storage well.

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