Carnival Bulk Prize Packages



Carnivals Bulk Prizes Packages
(For use in Game Booths)
Approximate running time 3 hours. Contains 1st Prizes, 2nd Prizes, and
Consolation prizes.

GP-22  For 3 Game Booths 250 people   $94.95     (1,008 pieces)
GP-23  For 6 Game Booths 500 people    $189.95    (2,016 pieces)
GP-24  For 9 Game Booths 750 people    $284.95    (3.024 pieces)
GP-25  For 12 Game Booths 1,000 people $379.95     (4,032 pieces)




This is designed so each player get a prize every time.
Prizes are suitable for young children 5-10.
No Games are included in the assortment. Merchandise is packaged and
marked in 3 games sets. Each package on a per booth basis contains:
Assortments may vary.
84 First Prizes
108 Second Prizes
144 Consolation Prizes
Example: Multiply the number of booths with the prizes:
3 Booths x 84= 252 first prizes
3 Booths x 108= 324 second prizes
3 Booths x 144= 432 third prizes

As low as $.09 each

“Carnivals Bulk Prizes Packages” contain assortments of puzzles, yo-yos,
notebooks, coloring books, crayons, fun animals, smalls toys,
stickers, water guns, spinning tops, finger puppets, rings, gliders, etc.
These were designed so the customer does not have to shop through a
number of Novelty Catalogs from multiple companies picking out
dozens of different items and costing 3 times much.

Ordering similar items for a GP-25
from Oriental Trading would run over $600.00

We do all the work for you.

This our best Seller!

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GP-22, GP-23, GP-24, GP-25


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