Tip a Jug
Complete with carnival game unit, 6 painted milk bottles & 2
dead baseballs

Player throws 3 dead baseballs at milk bottles – must knock over 3 to
win. :: Trade up Game: 1 win small prize, 2nd wins small prize, 3rd
Average Rental Rate: $40 = Return on Investment: 9 Rentals
Game Accessories
Tip a Jug Carnival Game
Dead Baseball
Dead Baseball
Regulation size ball. Weighs 3 oz.
Used in any game that requires low
bounce back.
$6.50 each
Eva Balls
EVA Foam Balls
Solid foam 2" ball used with
our EVA pistol.
.95 each
CO2 EVA Pistol
Shoots soft EVA foam balls for
our Pop a Can Game, gun ball or
break a plate
$275.00 each
In Stock. Ships same day.