Spill The Milk
30"H x 23"W x 27"L
Complete with carnival  game box, pedestal, 2 milk bottles and 2 dead

Player throws 1 dead baseball at a time attempting to knock both milk bottles
completely off platform.

Please note:
We have redesigned this game with hinges so it breaks down
to reduced shipping cost.
Average Rental Rate: $40 = Return on Investment: 7 Rentals
Knock 'Em Over Sign
18" x 24"      $49.00
Game Accessories
Replacement Wooden Milk Bottle
1lb Wooden Milk Bottle
Bottle size 7 3/4"T.
$11.95 each
Dead Baseball
Dead Baseball
Regulation size ball. Weighs 3 oz.
Used in any game that requires low
bounce back.
$6.50 each
Questions?   570-461-3000