Roller Bowler
20'h x 12"w x 90"d
Carnival Game complete with game platform & 16#  regulation bowling ball


The teasing  Roller Bowler Game is played by trying to roll the ball with just enough
force so that it goes over the hump and stays in the pocket area on the other side.
Just when it looks it is going to stay in the pocket area the ball comes rolling back..
Players can't resist the temptation of " just one more roll".
Average Rental Rate: $50 = Return on Investment: 8 Rentals
Roller Bowler Carnival Game
Game Accessories
Roller Bowler Ball
Regulation 16# Bowling
ball without hole drillings.
Used in our Roller Bowler
$65.00 each
Roller Bowler Sign
18" x 24"      $49.00
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