Fish Bowl
30"H x 23"W x 27"L
Complete with carnival game box, pedestal, 10 fish bowls and 1 dozen
ping pong balls

Player tosses ping pong balls into fishbowls. Game operator determines
stock giveaway.

Please note:
We have redesigned this game with hinges so it breaks down to
reduced shipping cost.
Average Rental Rate: $40 = Return on Investment: 7 Rentals
Babysit Your Fish
18" x 24"      $49.00
Game Accessories
plastic ivy bowl
4" Plastic Ivy Bowl
Our plastic ivy bowls are used in our
Fishbowl, Ivy Bowl Toss Game and Ping
Pong Toss Game.
Holds 18 ounces of liquid.
Made in the USA.
$16.95 per dozen
Ping Pong Balls
Ping Pong Balls
$2.95 per Dozen
Ping Pong Toss
18" x 24"      $49.00
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