Complete with carnival game box, 12 Colored
Plastic Bottles, one dozen 1 3/4" rings.
Sale: $250.00

Player must toss hoop – one on bottle wins.
Average Rental Rate: $45 = Return on Investment: 7 Rentals
Game Accessories
Plastic Rings
Plastic Rings
1-3/4"  $4.95 per dozen
" Bottle Ring Game"
Made in the USA.
Bottle Ring Carnival Game
64oz Colored Plastic Bottle
Available in blue, red & white.
Six per case. Each case has one color. 12" high
Made of High Density Polyethylene.
Carnival Depot Exclusive!
(Uses 1-3/4" Red Plastic Ring.)
Made in the USA.
$49.00 per per case
Bottle Ring Sign
18" x 24"      $49.00
Ring Any Bottle Sign
18" x 24"      $49.00
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